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URL Parameters

This section summarizes how to add the URL Parameters (or Sub IDs) to the different OfferToro URLs. URL Parameters are optional but they can be added in the URL if you need to pass specific values to your server/code. When needed, the URL Parameter keys should be subid1, subid2, or subid3. The different URLs are as follows:

  • Offer Wall
  • API URLs
  • Offers Gallery URL
  • SDK
  • Postback URL

For a better understanding of the full URL, please fill in the sample values:

Pub ID:
App ID:
User ID:
Sub ID 1 (subid1):
Sub ID 2 (subid2):
Sub ID 3 (subid3):
Offer Wall

When sending users to, or accessing the Offer Wall, you can add the URL Parameters as such:

An example for passing only one parameter:

The API feed has two possible URLs for you to choose from:

  • Offer URL Easy
  • Offer URL
Offers Gallery URL

The URL in the Offers Gallery - Offer Details section is the same as API's Offer URL Easy.


For SDKs, there are specific codes needed in order to add URL parameters.

  • Android
    You can add up to three (3) URL Parameters: OTOfferWallSettings.getInstance().configSubids(“”, “”, “”);
  • Unity
    OTOfferWallSettings.Instance.configSubids(“”, “”, “”);

    You can add up to three (3) URL Parameters.

Postback URL

The Postback URL is a bit different from all the other URLs as it will be our way to send back information to your server regarding the completed conversions of your users. In the examples below, we will use this Postback URL:

In the Apps Settings page, the Postback URL has two options:

  • Minimal Parameter Postback - if this option was selected and sub IDs were passed using any of the URLs above, the sub IDs will automatically be sent back to your server. Sub IDs will be held by the keys mentioned above: subid1, subid2, or subid3. Here's how it should look like in the App Settings Page (you can omit placeholders, or add any if needed):

    All URL Parameters, including Sub ID values will be populated when sending the data back to your server. Here's how it will look like when we're sending it to your server:
  • Custom Parameter Postback - since the option above will send ALL URL Parameters regardless, this option can be customized to only send data that you need. Sub IDs will still be using the following placeholders: {subid1}, {subid2}, or {subid3}. Here's how it should be in the App Settings page if you need the conversion Id, offer Id, the user's Id, and all the Sub IDs you added in any of the URLs above:{id}&offer_id={oid}&click_id={user_id}&any_subid_1={subid1}&for_subid_2={subid2}&another_for_subid_3={subid3}
    URL Parameters can be any valid string.

Full List of possible URL Parameters can be checked here