Promote Your App, Acquire New Users, and go viral!


Rewarded Ads

Happy Users, Loyal Users, Happy Advertisers.
Nowadays, Users are forced to watch ads, at the wrong place,
at the wrong time. Ads they don’t like.
With rewarded ads, the users choose when to view ads.
Its a win-win situation – A great user experience, while the
advertiser gets the full attention of the user.

Targeted Native Ads

Our native ads SDK, uses advance machine learning processes
to target your traffic, based on users behavior and preferences.
An ongoing optimization process – Searching for the perfect
ads for the right users.
Don’t just buy installs, buy targeted loyal users!

You can choose from a wide range of performance based models such as: CPI,CPE and CPA.
We offer both incentivized as well as Non-incentivized traffic, from in-house direct traffic- Both web & mobile.

Our team of passionate advertisers managers can help you reach your goals.

Anti Fraud Tools

Fraud is hurting our industry. Advertisers are very wary about rewarded traffic nowadays.
At OfferToro, we hate fraud, just as much as our advertisers do!

Using a combination of fraud prevention tools and techniques, we make sure fraudulent users are blocked and minimize the chances for painful chargebacks for our publishers, as well as issues for our advertisers.

We are very proud to say: we have been consistently getting good quality feedback from our advertisers over the years.