Here you will find all the info you need to integrate the various monetization tools OfferToro has to offer.

These are the custom FILTERS in the API URL:

  • platform = WEB/MOBILE/ALL . Mobile will display mobile offers only. ALL will display both Mobile and Web offers.
  • country = US (or any other country code such as CA,GB etc... leave blank for ALL countries)
  • device = android / iphone / ipad (Device is only relevant for the mobile api feed)
  • USER_ID = {RandomUser} - only use this one if you want to filter it per user, its not usually needed .
  • format = xml / json
  • payout_type = cpi / cpe / cpa
  • verticals = 1 / 0 - Offer Verticals will be sent by default. Add verticals=0 into the request URL to disable verticals in the response.

All those url filters are optional.