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App Promos

App Promo feature lets you increase your app currency presented to your users!

This modification can be done for a limited known-ahead time and lets you choose targeted countries as well. Applying this changes over API offers can also be modified by you

To access App Promos, select the App in the Overview section and press Edit

Go to the App Promos section

Explanation of fields - App Promos:

  • Activate Increased Currency Promo: Check this if you wish to run the Promo at the specified date, time and duration. During the duration of the Promo, the currency amount given to your users will be increased.
  • % Increase: The percentage of currency increase for the duration. The minimum increase is 0%, with 150% as the maximum. If you need to set a higher percentage, please contact your assigned Account Manager.
  • No. of Hours: Specifies the duration of the Promo in hours (HH:mm format). For example, if you intend to run the Promo for 6 hours you can simply write 6. If you need to run the promo for 24 hours and 30 minutes, simply write 24:30.
  • Start Date/Time: Specifies the starting date and time of the Promo. Click anywhere in the textbox to select the date or time. Date and Time should be in EST timezone.
  • Allow in API/SDK Offers: Select this option to apply the Promo to API offers.
  • Apply To Specific Countries Only?: Select this option to apply the Promo to specific countries only. Once selected, a textbox will appear for you to select the countries. You can add, or remove, multiple countries as you like.

After filling-up all the information, Click Save. Clicking Clear will disable and clear all fields in the current session. Click Save to persist the data.